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Tree Stump Removal

Professional Tree Stump Removal

Tree Stump Removal Kent is a common task for our tree surgery team. Typically, stumps can be removed in two ways: by hand using purpose-made tools or by grinding out the tree stump with a stump grinding machine.

Kent Forestry are experts in stump grinding; over the years, we have removed thousands of tree stumps, overcoming more or less all known obstacles. If you need stump grinding in Kent, contact us to ensure quick and efficient removal.

The latest equipment combined with time-honoured techniques ensures quick tree stump removal with minimum disruption to the surrounding ground.

Any Stump Anywhere

Our team removes stumps in any location, even in gardens with limited access, as we have specific purpose-made tools for use when access is restricted. The size of the offending stump is of no consequence.

We will remove huge stumps left behind from a tree blowing down through to stumps that have been left to rot and jut just a few centimetres from the ground.

A Blank Canvas

After removing or grinding out the offending stump, our team will take the time and care to fill in the resulting holes.

We intend to leave you with a level surface should you wish us to do so we will flatten the area and set about preparing the ground for planting or any other purpose.

Effective Stump Removal

Upon completion of your job, there will be no visible trace of the stump above ground; below the surface, the complete root system will be removed, ensuring no room for regrowth. As you would expect, all waste will be removed.

Contact us for fast and efficient tree-stump removal in Kent from fully qualified and professional tree surgery experts. Our coverage area includes Ashford, Canterbury, Whitstable, Faversham, Herne Bay and Folkestone.

Our Services

Kent Forestry Limited's team of fully insured and qualified arborists undertake a typical range of tree surgery tasks for homeowners and commercial premises.

Hedge cutting and trimming

Hedge Trimming

Keeping your hedges trimmed, not only ensures that your garden is aesthetically pleasing, but it also contributes to healthy growth.

Tree Felling

Tree Felling

Tree felling is something that should only be considered as a last resort, and should always be carried out by a professional tree surgeon.

Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning

Keeping your ornamental trees in great shape is not an easy task. The fundamental reason for keeping ornamental trees, is to be able to marvel in their appearance.

Woodland Management

Woodland Management

Kent Forestry prides itself on offering practical, workable solutions to neglected woods.

Client Testimonials

"Brilliant job, and I am delighted with their work. Professional, polite, and efficient. I can't recommend Kent Forestry highly enough."
Tree Stump
Kate Turner
“Kent Forestry turned up at the agreed time. They Cleaned up and removed all the rubbish and worked hard to remove all trees in one day.”
Tree Stump
Dave Ryan
“It's always a worry when using contractors for the first time. However, we found Kent Forestry to be well-priced, efficient and orderly.”
Tree Stump
June Moxon