How trees can increase your property value

Trees and property value

Do not forget your trees.

Your house will be more valuable if they are well-maintained. Your property’s value will be reduced if they are neglected or in disarray. This universal principle applies to trees as well as property values.

It isn’t a new way to increase the value of your house by de-cluttering, trash clearance, and painting. You can’t miss property makeover TV shows and house-selling and buying programs. They are always available and repeat the same easy-to-do things over and again.

The potential value impact of trees on your property is what gets less coverage.

Before you list your house for sale or start looking for your next home, here are some tree-related problems and benefits.

Sometimes you have to plant and sometimes you can cut back. Sometimes trees are needed to highlight other features.

Trees can increase the value of your property and home.

Every estate agent will tell a client that trees planted in the right places and well-maintained will make a difference.

  • Uniqueness – A street or housing estate that has rows of identical houses makes your house a commodity. It’s difficult to stand out. You want original, well-planted, sculpted, and maintained trees to make your property stand out and attract potential buyers.
  • Privacy – We all need some privacy from time to time. Many buyers will pay more for a house that has privacy built in, such as trees. This is something to consider when you are thinking of selling or buying a house.
  • Curb appeal – A tree in spring bloom can make a statement. This could be the deciding factor in deciding to purchase your house at the asking price. The return on investment can be huge when you plant a tree.
  • Flexibility through container trees – Changing the layout of a garden so it suits a potential buyer is easy with container trees. This allows you to customize the appeal of your home. Container trees require little maintenance and exotic species can be stored away for the winter.

What can trees do to decrease the value of your property and home?

Here is where an asset that should be a liability becomes an asset. Ouch.

Trees blocking sunlight

This is the most common complaint of house hunters about trees that aren’t being maintained. Large trees in south-facing yards can block out sunlight that we have in the UK. A brick wall is just as effective in blocking out light from dense leaf cover.

Overstocking with trees and plants can put buyers off – less is more  

Most estate agents report that space outdoors, especially in towns and cities, is at a premium for 2 main reasons:

  • Family homes work best when they have space for the children to go outside and for the adults to enjoy the barbecue.
  • Garden maintenance is not for everyone!

The bottom line is that less often is more.

Unmaintained trees

Your responsibility and common sense should ensure that your trees are the right size and in good condition. Unpruned tall trees can cause havoc with branches, leaves and twigs. Not many buyers will be thrilled about that possibility.

Particularly older buyers aren’t looking for additional work in retirement. Keep the potential work to an absolute minimum to attract this segment of the market.

Trees and insurance premiums

All issues covered by the assumptions of an insurance policy include subsidence, nearness to houses, damage from fallen trees, and possible soil damage from heave. These questions may be considered separately when you apply for home insurance.

Although insurance usually covers subsidence or heave, future premiums may reflect past issues. It is important to first check with your insurance company and to make sure that you hire a tree surgeon who is experienced, especially if you are planning to remove mature trees. These are all things that smart home buyers will be aware of and will reject any property that could become liable.

You know what to expect if you are a seller.

Nightmare neighbours

Potential buyers are often turned off by overgrown hedges or nuisance trees in neighbouring gardens and properties. It is important to resolve any issues with neighbours before you list your property.

How much is a tree worth?

Although money doesn’t grow on trees, a healthy tree stock can bring financial benefits. It can increase property values and reduce uncertainty when it comes to house insurance.

It might be a smart idea to inspect the condition of your tree stock before you list your home or consider purchasing your next property.

Simple pruning and tidying can make all the difference in selling your property. Understanding the long-term consequences of nuisance trees can help you make your house search more appealing.

We are certified tree surgeons and can assist with the practical aspects of tree surgery. Our experience also gives us an insight into what buyers want. Kent Forestry is available for consultation.

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