Common Tree Disputes With Neighbours

Tree disputes with neighbours occur because trees are often viewed as an eyesore by the environment. This is why they have become controversial. Trees can be viewed from many angles and provide us with many benefits. They bear fruit and serve as ornaments for the community.

Birds can also use trees as shelters. For birds, trees with large branches and leaves provide shelter from the sun and rain. Trees are an essential part of the ecosystem on a much larger scale.

These benefits are nearly endless.

Can my neighbour cut my tree without my approval?

It doesn’t matter if you trim your tree or leave it, if it isn’t obstructing anything else, it won’t be a problem. Conflicts only arise when your next-fence neighbour feels that your tree is a threat to their property.

Is it possible for your neighbour to trim your tree without your permission?

It is important to know your limits so they don’t do it. You have the right to sue your neighbour if they cut down your tree in violation of the laws.

It doesn’t need to go to court unless there is no agreement between you and your neighbour. If your goals are similar, cooler heads don’t have to be raised to court.

Don’t burn bridges

Let’s make the situation work for you.

Be sure to verify that your neighbour’s tree is properly trimmed before you get mad at them. If you think the tree is already invading your property, you can trim the branch so it doesn’t cause any damage.

You can have any fruit that falls on your lawn. You can remove any branch that reaches your roof without notifying your neighbour. It is better to inform your neighbours before you do any other actions. This way, you will forge healthy relationships with your neighbours rather than burning the bridge that ties you up with them–your tree.

Similar Questions

I have big tree branches from a neighbour that hang over my yard. Do I own this tree?

The tree is also owned by the owner of the land on which it stands. If the trunk is partially on one of the properties, however, it usually belongs to both owners. This is very rare. If the tree is co-owned, both you and the other owner are responsible. If one of you wishes to remove the tree or do anything about it, you must get permission from the other.

Can I make my neighbour pay me for damages caused by roots from his trees on my property?

This is a complicated dispute. The damage to your property caused by the crawling of a large root can make your neighbour liable. Are you willing to speak up?

Trees with large roots can grow beneath the ground and cause structural damage to neighbouring properties or structures. Exceptions may apply.

You can tell your neighbour to trim the part of the tree that is infringing on your land.

You, the property owner, have the right to trim any branches that reach your property.

You can sue the tree owner if there is any structural damage.

You have the right to take down the tree if it is threatening healthy trees on your lawn.

You can trim or remove an encroaching tree if it is preventing you from enjoying a livable outdoor space.

If the situation is more serious, such as if you have damaged your pipes or septic tank, find applicable laws in your locality.

Can I trim the branches of a neighbour’s tree that hang above my lawn?

You can cut branches that cross your property line or fence. Most local laws allow you to do this. You can trim the branches that are over your property line or fence without asking anyone.

If the tree is already infected or is in danger of becoming more diseased, you should consult the state or local regulations.

It doesn’t matter what problem you have with a tree. It is better to talk to someone than to waste money on endless and futile disputes. This is even more concerning if your neighbour is also a friend.

No matter what dispute you might have, this is the final:

A tree cannot be cut that isn’t on your property

A tree surgeon will be able to give you detailed information when you consult him. For the essentials, however, it is illegal to cut down a tree on another person’s property. You could be held responsible for any mischief or trespassing related to the tree.

It is your responsibility to remove any tree that has been planted on the neighbour’s property. This is because they are the owners of the tree. If you try to barge into another’s yard, you could face liability.

Tree owners and their neighbours often disagree on the best way to cut or trim down trees.


Let your government intervene to settle the issue. Sometimes trees are built in the middle of property lines or occupy both properties of two homeowners.

To inspect the tree, and determine if it can be removed safely, call a tree surgeon if you both feel it is more convenient. Both parties must agree to the tree removal. The tree could cause severe damage to the community if neighbours don’t remove it.

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