7 reasons to get rid of a dead tree stump

Are you tempted to believe that a stump of a dead tree is a sign of a job well done in clearing your garden? It’s not.

The problem is a rotting tree stump left in the ground soon takes on a life of its own and can create a list of serious problems at ground level you didn’t bargain for.

Our experts at Kent Forestry explain the dangers associated with leaving stumps in the ground following tree surgery.

1. Tree stumps are a hazardous physical obstacle to people and are an insurance problem.

A tree stump can quickly become dangerous if it isn’t covered with grass. A stump left in the ground can cause serious injuries, such as grazed knees and fall-related insurance claims.

2. Tree stumps can damage garden machinery

Each year, thousands of lawnmowers get scrapped due to bent crankshafts. When a lawnmower blade strikes a stump, there is usually only one winner.

3. Tree stumps make garden maintenance hard work

Mowing your garden or weeding it takes more time if you have to manoeuvre around stumps in the ground.

For gardeners:

  • With a disability
  • Older in age
  • New to gardening
  • When raising a family
  • When renting a property that has a garden

The Royal Horticultural Society advise removing fiddly areas, to reduce time and effort spent.

4. Tree stumps can produce new growth and soil nutrients.

The appearance of new shoots doesn’t stop at once. They keep returning, which can have an impact on garden aesthetics as well as soil health.

Without you being aware, nutrient leaching from the soil can cause damage to your roses.

5. Tree stumps can cause property damage and a decrease in value

A garden survey is a common part of house buying and selling. An environmental surveyor will inspect for damage to pipes, walls, and foundations due to root systems.

Tree stump removal is often the best option as there can be a lot of damage that can be done before they run out of nutrients. Consider the property’s value.

6. Landscape gardening and tree stumps: Space

Tree stumps occupy valuable garden space that could have been used for something else, such as:

  • A picnic table
  • A new flower bed
  • An extended lawn

Very few people have enough garden space, so make sure you maximize your precious square footage.

7. Tree stumps can be a breeding ground for unwanted fungi and insects

Tree stumps are a perfect habitat for many toxic fungi as well as unhelpful insects. Honey Fungus (Armillaria), once it has established a foothold, can spread its threads and attack the roots of perennial and wooden plants around it.

Problems that can occur from a rotting stump of a tree after it wasn’t removed from the ground.

A stump that has been left in the ground after tree surgery 2 years ago will display many issues. These include:

  • Suckering having time to spread
  • Fungal root infection spreading
  • The stump could become a problem for the homeowner’s plans to lay new turf.

Future Garden Planning

Gardeners love this old Greek proverb:

“Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

Kent Forestry would like to make this a reality:

“A garden is great when its stewards leave the garden’s best and healthiest canvas for their children.”

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